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Our Campbell plumbing contractors depend on a well maintained fleetPlumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night, as well as on holidays and Sundays. You can rely on our professional plumbing contractors in Campbell to assist you 24 hours a day. There are emergency services where technicians can come out to your location and help get your plumbing back on track no matter what day or time it may be. Plumbing emergencies include burst pipes, overflowing sinks and toilets, and water heater issues. The first thing to do in a plumbing emergency is to turn off the water supply in order to avoid a flooding catastrophe, which can cause damage to your plumbing infrastructure, fixtures and appliances, cause water damage to your furniture, floors, and foundation, and waste hundreds of dollars of water. This can be prevented by turning off the main water valve or the water valve that is connected to the appliance or fixture that is causing the issue. Look for a large, easy-to-grip knob where the fixture or appliance meets your water supply. In many cases you should be able to turn it by hand. If not, try using a wrench or two to get a better grip.

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Our Campbell CA Plumbing Contractors Clear All Drain ClogsOnce you have turned off the water supply, you will want to contact a plumber as soon as possible. You may be tempted to make repairs yourself, but it's easy for things to go from bad to worse. When dealing with an older plumbing system, such as one with galvanized iron or cast iron pipes, the sudden application of pressure can quickly cause your pipes to corrode, leak, or even burst. 

If you're dealing with a fixture or piece of equipment with a history of causing problems, it's not always as straightforward as it may seem to diagnose the system. A toilet that regularly backs up could have a systematic clog deep in your sewer pipe, an issue with drainage, or even just an insufficient flush capacity. Don't waste time clearing your drain if the problem can be fixed by adjusting your bob, and don't waste time adjusting your bob if the real problem is ten feet away and buried in your wall. 

Of course, the real way to deal with any plumbing emergency is to call our Campbell plumbing contractors. We have an army of technicians backed by a fleet of fully-stocked work vehicles and a sophisticated dispatch system that allows us to handle any plumbing emergency in or around Campbell with an unparalleled response time.

Campbell California's #1 plumbing service provider is always ready, willing, and able to help, day or night. Call us now for world-class plumbing service in 95008, 95009, and 95011.

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